“When Rya Golf Club decided to improve and refine our old course where some of the holes had been designed and built as far back as the 1930s, the club was aware that the choice of course architect would be very important.

The club had set guidelines for what we wanted, for example, to augment the seaside vibe and increase the joy of playing. But also to develop the course while maintaining the charm of its heritage.

Our collaboration with Johan Benestam has been very successful as his sensitivity to what we want to achieve. The combination of his deep knowledge and wide experience has meant that challenges, big or small, have been solved smoothly, so that we can continue to develop Rya Golf Club in the right direction.”

Ulf Jerlebo, Club Secretary
Rya GK

Helsingborg, Sweden

“Lidingö Golf Club has had the privilege of working with Johan Benestam in various projects since  2015. Above all, Johan has helped us develop a Masterplan for the continued development of Sweden’s first 18 hole course.
Johan has a deep knowledge of golf, course architecture, design and course management, which means he has the broad view in terms of appearance, strategy, and finances. 
When designing a golf hole, Johan also takes into account all types of golfers i.e. young and old, male and female as well as elite player and bogey golfers.
It has been a real pleasure to work with Johan and I highly recommend the level of commitment he represents for the development of your golf course.”

Lars Waerland, Former Chairman
Lidingö Golfklubb

Lidingö, Sweden

“The Royal Drottningholm Golf Club decided in early 2007 to begin a renovation project of the golf course-a total make over. We decided early in the process that the architect would be involved in the project to ensure quality throughout the whole process of the renovation.

Our choice of architect fell on Mr. Johan Benstam based on his sensitivity and understanding of the customer’s requirements. With his creative ability has he created one of Sweden’s best golf courses. The course represent a mix from the existing nature and a new unique design. We are so proud to present our Golf Course to our exciting members, their guests and our visitors.”

Stefan Andorff, Club Secretary 
The Royal Drottningholm Golf Club
Stockholm, Sweden

“It was a pleasure to have Johan Benestam design the new and “out of the box” kids course at Värpinge. He has done a fabulous job in integrating playability, management and fun.

The course is a 6 hole course, strictly for kids. Grown-ups have access only when accompanying a child and the course is also reversible; one week clockwise and the next week counter clockwise. Pesticide free management and sheep that graze the course.”

Håkan Rasmusson, General Manager
Värpinge Golf Club
Lund, Sweden

“Royal Drottningholm Golf Club planned for five years and renovated fairways and greens according to best practices during one year. Our choice of Mr. Johan Benestam, as golf course architect, became an extremely valuable cornerstone, convincing and mediating a most demanding group of club members to step up to a heavy investment.

Johan Benestam’s knowledge and intense involvement during construction has been extremely important in order for us to meet both budget and time plan successfully.”

Lars B Flodman, Former Chairman
Royal Drottningholms Golf Club

Stockholm, Sweden

”Working together with Johan Benestam at the Köping Golf Club’s upgrade project has been a very positive experience. Johan has a very broad knowledge and understanding of all aspects related to golf course design.

Everything from creating an interesting, fun and beautiful golf course and giving the grass good, long term growing conditions, to cost of maintenance, has been covered in the project. ”

Stefan Persson, Project Leader
Köpings Golf Club
Köping, Sweden

“The talented, skillful and team-working architect Johan Benestam was a real pleasure to work with on the construction of Wolf Golf Club. The Routing Plan of the golf course is a classic one with two loops like the famous golf club of Muirfield, Scotland.

His intention was to create a links-styled golf course with deep bunkers. His construction experience was a huge benefit during the rough and fine shaping stages.

To his help he recruited Skip Pedigo (USA) as lead shaper. The golf course has been built by these two devoted persons with love and passion for the game of golf. I can strongly recommend Johan Benestam for your next project small or large.”

Martynas Bacevicius, General Manager
Wolf Golf Club
Druskininkai, Lithuania

“When the golf club was looking for a golf course architect, it was also trying to find a partner to have a dialogue with. We knew pretty well what we wanted. With Johan’s responsiveness and knowledge, we got what we wanted. As course manager it is also pleasing and rewarding to work with a golf course architect who is so knowledgeable about the maintenance in the way Johan is.”

Jonas Liljeblad, Course Manager
Nacka Golf Club
Stockholm, Sweden

“When Östersund-Frösö Golfklubb began work on creating a new Master Plan, the Golf Club chose to cooperate with golf architect Johan Benestam. He has the ability to understand and see the whole golf concept while still protecting the natural environment.

Johan understands this perspective and the needs of all kinds of players at the club as well as the ground staff. It must be fun to play golf at any level of handicap. Risk-and Reward philosophy is what his golf architecture stands for, something that we at Östersund-Frösö Golfklubb fully agree with.”

Torbjörn Ryman, General Manager
Östersund – Frösö Golf Club
Östersund, Sweden

“John Benestam has helped us meet future golfers growing demands for a modern golf course.

Using subtle yet significant changes, his ideas and vision have helped us enhance our members and guests experiences during the current season. These changes have provided us with ample time to create a long-term Master Plan for Strömstad Golf Club that will ensure our golf club’s continued success.

Johan has helped us with all areas within the facility, including a new layout, solid advice on forest management, drainage, moving regimes, maintenance savings and creating a more challenging, forward-thinking strategy.

Strömstad Golf Club can strongly recommend John Benestam as a qualified partner for modern golf course design.”

Ola Persson, Club Manager
Strömstad Golf Club
Strömstad, Sweden

“Landskrona town is expanding the city to the north and Landskrona Golf club had to give up holes 1-6 on the Erikstorp course. We got new land to build new holes on and we realized that we had to create 2 new routing plans with the 30 existing holes and the new 6 holes that we had to build.

Our choice of architect fell on Johan Benstam because we had heard lots of great things about his way of designing golf courses and that Johan lives nearby so he could be onsite easily.
He has done a great job with the design of the new holes and to incorporate them with the existing holes to create 2 new courses at Landskrona Golf club.

Another bonus is Johan’s way to look at nature and landscape integration. He has shown us a new way to look at nature on the golf course. We took away some trees that blocked views to the Öresund strait and some trees that wasn’t part of the flora planted some years back to provide protection for other trees.”

Håkan Andeberg, Club Secretary
Landskrona Golf Club
Landskrona, Sweden