Below is a list of golf clubs throughout Sweden and other European countries that have engaged my architectural expertise and landscaping services to create new golf courses or to rebuild, renovate, restore and/or enlarge their current facilities.


Wolf Golf Club, Druskininkai, Lithuania
Superior Golf Club & Spa Resort, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Landeryd Golf Club, Course Vesterby, Linköping, Sweden
Söderby Golf Club, Uppsala, Sweden
Olandsbygdens Golf Club, Uppsala, Sweden
Värpinge Golf Club, Lund, Sweden
One of the first reversible golf courses!
Velamsund, synthetic practice area, Stockholm, Sweden


Rorbertsfors Golf Club, Robertsfors, Sweden –
Ullna Golf & Country Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Vasatorp Golf Club, Helsingborg, Sweden –
Royal Drottningholm Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Fågelbro Golf & Country Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Rya Golf Club, Helsingborg, Sweden –
Båstad Golf Club, Båstad, Sweden –
Lidingö Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Viksjö Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Landskrona Golf Club, Landskrona, Sweden –
Haga Golf Club, Oslo, Norway
Köpings Golf Club, Köping, Sweden
Östersund – Frösö Golf Club, Östersund, Sweden
Strömstad Golf Club, Strömstad, Sweden
Nacka Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Wäsby Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Österåkers Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Säters Golf Club, Säter, Sweden
Högbo Golf Club, Sandviken, Sweden
Höganäs Golf Club, Höganäs, Sweden
Bedinge Golf Club, Beddinge, Sweden
Öjestrand Golf Club, Sundsvall, Sweden
Idre Golf Ski & Spa, Idre, Sweden
Chelybinsk Golf Club, Chelybinsk, Russia
Fors Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Ullna Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Ingarö Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Landeryd Golf Club, Linköping, Sweden
Mälarbadens Golf Club, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Ystad Golf Club, Ystad, Sweden
Östra Göinge Golf Club, Knislinge, Sweden
Gamle Fredrikstad Golf Club, Fredrikstad, Norway
Malmö Burlöv Golf Club, Malmö, Sweden
Mauritzberg – Hotel, Homes, Golf, Marina, Norrköping, Sweden
Trelleborg Golf Club, Trelleborg, Sweden –
Vårdsbergs Golf Club, Linköping, Sweden –
Black Mountain Golf Club, Hua Hin, Thailand –
Västerås Golf Club, Västerås, Sweden –
Haninge Golf Club, Stockholm, Sweden –
Bollnäs Golf Club, Kilafors, Sweden –
Woodlands Country Club, Örkelljunga, Sweden –
Strand Golf, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Täby Golf Club,
Stockholm, Sweden –
Vreta Kloster Golf Club, Linköping, Sweden –
Ängsö Golf Club, Västerås, Sweden –
Trosa Golf Club, Trosa, Sweden –
Eckerö Golf Club, Kyrkoby, Åland –
Sandnäset Golf Club, Östersund, Sweden –
Eda Golf Club, Noresund, Sweden –
Hammarö Golf Club, Karlstad, Sweden –
Österlens Golf Club, Simrishamn, Sweden –
Sommarrogolf, Karlstad, Sweden –
Idrefjällens Golf Club, Idre, Sweden –
Bråvikens Golf Club, Norrköping, Sweden –
Vellinge Golf Club, Vellinge, Sweden –