S:t Hans Knattebana, a reversible course

Did you know that children in Lund, Sweden have their own golf course where they can play for free and according to their ability?
S:t Hans Knattebana in Värpinge is a specially designed course for children up to 12 years old. The holes range from 35 meters to 90 meters and there are both par 3, par 4 and par 5 holes.

Golf course architect Johan Benestam has designed a reversible stretch; one week the course is played clockwise and the next week it is played counterclockwise. This adds greater variety and smoother wear to the course.


The aim of the course is to show that golf is for everyone, regardless of age, socio-economic, cultural and ethnic background. Everyone is welcome and above all; it costs nothing for children to play. They play with a so-called “Almost Golf Ball” which weighs just a third of what a regular golf ball – minimizing the risk of injury. Golf clubs can be borrowed at the clubhouse.

Why did I want to donate my services to the “Children’s Golf Course”?

Golf has given me so much, which is why I want to give something back. To society at large, and especially to the part of society that does not have the opportunity to try out this incredibly enjoyable sport where nature is an integral part of the experience.

As most courses are located far from cities, playing golf is often a socio-economic barrier. If it had been the other way around, if soccer fields were located far away and golf courses were in the middle of cities, things would probably have looked differently.

This is why I wanted to help so that more children can experience golf at a younger age and completely free. There should be no barriers. Through this project, which I and a group of companies have donated time and money, everyone who wants to try golf will be able to – without any restrictions.

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